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"I have bought several cars over the years and recently leased a new Kia Optima from Jonathan at the Auto Connection, when a good friend told me about his experience going thru a broker to lease and not a dealership. This by far was the best experience ever. I used to dread the car dealerships and especially the car salesman. Jonathan was as professional as they come, both patient and willing to go over the options and even took my last car in a trade. He made it pain free. I called the Auto Connection and told him what car I wanted, I did the paper work and  within 48 hours I had the car show up at my office, signed the papers and it was done. I don't think I will ever want to go and try to haggle at a dealership again,  Love my new car. Thanks Auto Connection"

-Andrea, 2013


"As someone who's been 'in the business' for years, been a manager at new car dealerships, etc.., I know how it works.
I've purchased (leased) new cars from Johnathan, and sent many others that have too.
He'll never B.S. you, 'try you on' to see what he can get away with, no games. If there's 'programs' or money back on a certain model, he'll disclose that.
He'll fax you a copy of the invoice for the car that he has located for you so there's no misunderstanding.
John has a good great resources from 23 years of brokering cars and uses these connections well to good effect for his customers.
He knows that referrals are where it's at, that's why he gets so many of them.
Thanks, John"

-James, 2013


"Jonathan was super helpful and quick acting in the deal for my cute new car. He even picked me up to take me to the dealer that had my car (45 minutes away).   It was nice to have him there to answer any questions and oversee the process.  I think I got a great deal- thanks so much Jonathan. I will definitely recommend him to my friends!"

-Heidi, 2013


"I bought a mini from Jonathan a while ago.  He was straightforward and very helpful."

-Babs, 2011


"I have used auto connection to purchase 6 cars over a period of more than 10 years.  Jonathan has many connections to the dealers.  You save time & money.  i'll be back.  Dr. Bob"

-Dr. Bob L, 2011


"When I told a good friend at work that I was shopping around for a new car, he recommended that I call Jonathan. Jonathan advised me to call back when I had the exact car, color, trim and options identified.

So, I took a few test drives and decided on a silver Mazda5 in the rare top trim with leather, and found a good no-haggle price with AAA's pre-arrangement with the dealership. This took a few weeks and I was actually pretty happy with where things stood. But then I called Jonathan back and within two hours he called to say that he could have the exact car delivered to my home for $500 less than the dealer's rock bottom price. That's exactly how it happened, and my wife is now happily driving her new car.

Jonathan is an expert in his field and I believe he will almost always be able to save money on a car lease or purchase. With the Auto Connecation, everyone wins: he saves the buyer money, gets paid by the dealer, and helps the dealer turn inventory.

To echo another review: "The key is to know which car you want: make, model, trim, color, options. Once you have that, you give it to Jonathan and he'll find the best deal for you.""

-Douglas, 2010


"My experience with Jonathan at Auto Connection was excellent.

He was very easy to work with and always available to answer my questions.  He delivers as promised and saved me 2.5% on the interest rate of my loan.

I bought a 2010 Lexus RX450h and saved thousands on the purchase of the car and he provided full disclosure of his cost.  In addition I added chrome wheels that would have cost me a lot more through the dealer and sold them to me for his dealer cost. 

He is very knowledgeable and reliable.  It was an easy process to order the car.  I gave him a list of items I wanted and color and he located the vehicle in few days.   It was delivered while I was on vacation and with a full tank of gas.

I recently purchased a maintenance warranty for almost half the price of what the dealer charges.  Jonathan helped me to buy a warranty for the interior that covers the car for 7 years. He provided this service for his cost and picked my car up at my house and delivered it back to me when they were done treating the interior for warranty. 

I also had a minor car accident last week where my side mirror was hit by a truck and needed to be replaced.  He went up to the dealer and got the part for me and delieved it to a shop that he works with and they installed the mirror for $60.  The dealer was going to charge me $150.   He saved me $220 on the cost of the part and the installation.

He has done so much for me that I felt it was only right to share my experience with others.  Last time I bought a new car from the dealer I never received even close to the amount of service he offers. 

I do enjoy getting my car serviced at Lexus and this is why a bought the maintenance warranty which covered all the maintenance up to 50k mile however, it nice to have paid $1300 vs. $2450.

Save money and the hassles of dealing with a dealer and call Auto Connection.

Jonathan's service is excellent and I highly recommend purchasing a new car from him."

-Jeannie, 2010


"I bought a car through Jonathon at Auto Connection and the experience was as advertised:  easy, friendly, and got a good price that I could not beat locally.  The service did not cost me anything - he gets a referral fee from dealers. The car was delivered to my house personally and all the paperwork was done in my living room. 

While I MAY have been able to get a better deal by haggling, calling multiple dealers, etc.  The stress is not worth it.  And I asked the local dealer if they could beat the price I got from Auto Connection and they couldn't."

-Steve, 2010


"I went through Jonathan at Auto Connection for my 2009 Subaru WRX purchase.  In the past, our company had used him to get a Lexus and he was able to broker a really good lease for a LS460L Executive.  This was the first time I used him personally.

If you don't like dealing with pushy salesman and even worse (and often forgotten), contract/finance guys, going with an auto broker is the way to go.

Unlike other brokers, there's no fee going through Auto Connection.  His incentive is directly paid by the dealer.  You might think the price of the car will be more because of that.  Not really.

I got my car at invoice plus tax/license/extended warranty.

The key is to know which car you want: make, model, trim, color, options.  Once you have that, you give it to Jonathan and he'll find the best deal for you.  You just have to sit back and wait. 

The car gets delivered (driven or on a flat bed, your choice) to his office in Mill Valley, where you sign all the contracts.  After that, he gives you the keys and you drive off.

Very simple, streamline process for buying a new car.  No haggling with dealerships over prices or warranties.  He does it for you."

-Hodie, 2009

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