How We Work

Once you've determined the make and model of the car you wish to purchase, call The Auto Connection. We'll find you a great price on a car that meets your specifications.  (Indeed, we locate and arrange purchase for almost any make and model.) You'll avoid the hassle and hustle of new car showrooms, get the car you desire at the best price available while providing superior customer service, and savings after the sale.  Make intelligent choices between meaningful optional equippment and worthless add-on expenses.

Here's how our process works:

  You call The Auto Connection over the phone for an initial consultation to discuss the specifics of the car you are looking for - you choose the make, model, color, desired equipment, and other accessories, and whether you would like to lease or purchase your automobile.


  Using our computerized tracking system of leading automobile suppliers and network of dealer contacts, we quickly scan the inventory of hundreds of dealers to locate a vehicle that meets your needs. Once located, we then call you back (usually within 24-72 hours) to quote you the available price for the model you want, and we simply secure the car once our competetive price meets your approval. In rare cases we may collect a broker fee from the buyer.



  Once we receive your purchase approval, we then handle all dealer prep, documentation and delivery arrangements. We can also help arrange financing or purchase your trade-in if needed.  When we're finished, all you do is pick up the keys and drive away!