Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I purchase from The Auto Connection instead of a local dealer?

Unless you've visited every auto dealer in the Bay Area, you have no way of knowing if you're getting the lowest price available. One call to The Auto Connection can save you both time and money by letting us do the shopping. Our goal is to find the exact car you want at a price you can afford. Tied into a statewide network of dealers, we go wherever necessary to get you the best deals on wheels -period.

Do I get a manufacturer's warranty if I buy from The Auto Connection?

Yes, you will receive a complete manufacturer's warranty with the purchase of your new car, allowing you to have your vehicle serviced at any authorized dealership. In addition, The Auto Connection can provide extended bumper-to-bumper coverage to protect your investment once the manufacturer's warranty expires.

Do you take trade-ins?

Yes, we can arrange for the purchase of your vehicle, should you so desire. And in most instances, the price you receive is usually above what a dealer would offer.

Where should I look for auto financing?

he best place to secure a new car loan is at your local bank, savings and loan, or credit union. Should you decide to lease your next vehicle, The Auto Connection can provide you with expert advice on structuring the transaction and assist in making all the arrangements.

Is there an extra charge for your service?

There is no additional charge to you. The service fee is included in the price you pay for the car - and we still have the best prices in the Bay Area!

How does this compare to other web-based buying services, Auto clubs, etc?

Simply put, all though these prices are competetive, you usually must drive to the dealership to take advantage of it.

Prices quoted only apply to the auto you selected and not to add-ons like anti theft devices. Quotes may also apply only to vehicles that are in their inventory.

Most web-base auto buying sites are subscription-based or pass-along services, so after you provide your contact info you get blasted with calls from dealers everywhere.

Why you should buy a new car through auto connection?

Not only will you save signifcant money by getting the best deal possible, you’ll continue to enjoy savings after the sale

While most people focus their attention on getting a competitive price and making sure they don’t overypay for the car they want, what often gets overlooked is the cost of keeping the car on the road and running..

With maintenance costs sky high this is where auto connection shines. If you purchase a new car from us, we will provide access to our network of trusted vendors that do everything from electrical repair, and detailing to wheel repair upholstry repair, removing dents, body and paint work—all at a 15-20 percent discount from typical market rates.

our goal is to assist you in reducing your maintenance and repair costs as long as you own the car!

How do i pay and where do i pick it up?

All new vehicles are purchased on your behalf from new car dealers subject to new car dealer inventory. Auto connection negoiates and arranges this trancaction and in most cases, the vehicle can be delivered to your home of office. We provide a full orientation regarding operation of the car, and then you write a check to the selling franchise new car dealer. Its just that simple.

How are you able to get exactly the car i want?

Typically when at a dealer, you are offered cars in their current inventory which may not meet your exact needs. Often times, the dealer will offer to get you a different car from another dealer. Their ability to get the car is directly tied to the relationship they have with that dealer. If the dealer wont give them the car, you’re out of luck.

This won’t happen with auto connection clients. We buy the car directly from our trusted suppliers.

Simply put you get an extremely competiive price for the car and options that you want, if we can’t locate that model, then we can usually place a factory order on your behalf